About MLogusta.

MLogusta Police Service Dogs is a company that stands for quality in dog training. We buy an and train dogs for police and security services all around the world.

MLogusta, the M stands for Martin and Logusta is the Latin translation of Lobster (which means Kreeft in Dutch). Kreeft is a well known name in the specialized world of police dogs.

Service, quality, tailor made service and a honest way of doing business is what characterizes MLogusta.

High quality service dogs are vital for international security, calmness, reliability and fearlessness. Big and small organizations in all sectors, but also private individuals can find the dog they are looking for in our wide range of highly trained service dogs.

The Belgian, German and Dutch shepherds of MLogusta are expertly and all-round trained. To accomplish this, a thorough training is necessary. Thanks to our years of experience and high number of contacts within Europe, the United States and through the dog sport we never fail to find qualified dogs, trained by top of the line trainers. When a dog is sold the instructors and assistants of MLogusta keep providing the client with additional training.




MLogusta is specialized in training different kinds of work dogs.

The dogs we buy are trained for searching narcotics, explosives or human scent. The dogs can also search buildings, areas and vehicles where narcotics or explosives are or have been hidden. Next to this we also train dogs to bite in a wide range of scenarios by training in stairways, in or on vehicles and in small spaces. This way the dogs will be fearless to act whatever the situation bring them in.

To enable dogs to adjust to the most challenging situations we let train them on slippery floors, on cars, in narrow spaces and on staircases. All this will take a lot of time and training before the dog can leave to its new owner for the actual job. The time it takes before a dog is ready varies with every dog. Some dogs will take only a few days and others will take a couple of weeks. During this time they will continuously be exposed to for example high heights and new situations.

For the best results the dog and his/her instructor will have to be in perfect coordination with each other and form a perfect team. This is why we provide additional training for the dog and his instructor after the dog has moved to his or her new location.

Purchase of dogs

Purchase of dogs.


MLogusta Police Service Dogs is always looking for new dogs. Police and security dogs of course have to meet certain criteria. In our search for eligible dogs we mainly focus on Belgian, German and Dutch shepherds which are partly or completely trained.

We are looking for:

  • Dogs that are more than willing to search for a ball/object indoors and outdoors.

  • Dogs with a very high urge to search and fetch.

  • Male dogs that are willing to bite on a short leash.

  • Qualified (KNPV, IPO, Shutzhund, Ringsport), male and female dogs.

  • Advanced dogs with basic command skills that can be used on short and long distance.

  • Dogs that are social and healthy.

By means of some simple skill tests we select dogs on their ability to be trained. In this short test, the goal is to establish if the dog is capable to learn all the required additional skills in a short time at our training facility. After the selection procedure a medical examination will take place.

detection dogs

Detection dogs.


A dog can be used as a reliable and effective tool when searching for narcotics and/or explosives. Dogs deliver fantastic results with their nose and every dog has its own specialization. As a result of the growing presence of narcotics in our society the demand for detection and control grows by the day.

MLogusta Police Service Dogs has specialized in the most effective form of drug control: detection dogs. Passive detection dogs for narcotics are trained to search a wide variety of object for hidden drugs. For example: lockers, workspaces, suitcases, vehicles etc.

Our passive detection dogs are also deployable to check (moving) people who carry narcotics at for example access control for your work or event.

In the worldwide fight against narcotics, detection dogs have proven to be a very effectual and preventive measure. With regular drug checks, you can give off a strong signal that trading and use of narcotics will not be tolerated, which will lead to a decline in nuisance caused by it.

We work in teams and follow a strict protocol with agreements we make beforehand. When we conduct a search with a detection dog, we first plot a plan of action to map every variable we may encounter.

When enforcing drug control, we work in teams of two and multiple dogs. The team documents everything that happens at the checkpoint and where they’ve found drugs or where drugs may have been stowed.

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